Johnny B. Goode

It is easier said than done to allow our kids to go down the path they envision for themselves, as opposed to the path we want them to take. I am not suggesting an abdication of the responsibility you signed up for when you became a parent - they need you and want you to be an influence in their lives, but being an influencer is not the same as being a decision maker.

You need to provide your kids with the tools they need in life to be successful and then get out of their way and watch them make their own magic. When you see them faltering, good parenting means providing them with the support they need to straighten up and continue on the journey.

I don’t think we should allow our kids to flounder in the corner of life, struggling to find their way or make the right decisions. Being able to help them when they need it, being there for them when they need a pat on the back or a kick up the ass is what I am talking about.

But micromanaging their journey is fraught with problems.

They need to be able to take responsibility for the actions they take and the results they achieve. Nobody I know of ever seems to do well when someone makes decisions for them, it doesn’t make them work for what they have (or most of it anyway) and most of all does not allow them to think for themselves.

bradley brown