Father Christmas

Men who have kids are expected to be amazing fathers, but so many of us for one reason or another have not received the guidance and training we should have growing up.  So how are we expected to be these wonderful role models for our kids, just by osmosis?

A study came out not long ago: Chinese children born in the year of the dragon out-perform children born in other years, but not because of their Zodiac. The expectations, support and parental attention they receive from their parents – expecting great things from a Dragon child! – sets them up & apart from their peers… A self-fulfilling prophecy.

I for one, was not raised with a father, but always wanted to be a great dad, that was my first career choice and remains the number 1 priority for me, even now, when I am well into my 50’s and my kids are for the most part grown up.

My book A Good Man, a Great Dad and a Loving Husband: Every Man’s Guide for a Brilliant Life was written to share with other men wisdom for being a great dad, who also might not have received the tuition they should have during their formative years.

It is the ideal gift for your man for Christmas this year. 

bradley brown