Here's to a Brilliant Life

First and foremost, welcome! I’m excited for this launch in preparation for the release of my first book; A Good Man, a Great Dad and a Loving Husband: Everyman’s Guide for a Brilliant Life. I see this as a way to continue my work in public speaking, corporate training, as a thought leader in business & real estate and to reach a wider audience through this medium. To me, this is the culmination of two years of focused writing and 57 years worth of life experience.

It is my hope, more than anything else, that this book can help others to have a brilliant life. I have enjoyed guiding others to get to where they want to be my entire life, both in my professional and personal worlds.

Over 35 years ago, when after being rejected twice I suggested my best friend park his flash new 260 ZX outside his crush’s workplace, where she could see it, go inside with concert tickets for that night held right out where she could see them and boldly ask her out.  She loved the Rush concert and they have been happily married now for over 30 years and continue to live a brilliant life together.  

Last year two of my kids got married. Like everyone, I had some advice for them for their wedding day.  I sat with both of them in the lead-up to the big day and shared some wisdom to help make sure their special day was the best it could possibly be.  This advice was based on what I did 10 years prior on my wedding day. That advice was to be absolutely focused on the moment, being there like they have never been before.  No thought about 5 minutes from the present, no concern for time already in the past.  By being so present in the moment, they would be able to cherish everything that was part of this hopefully, once in a lifetime event. They would have absolute clarity by being in the moment, this approach would slow down time, instead of feeling the day just flew by. They would also have as strong a memory of the seconds, minutes and hours of the day as possible as a result. They did as we discussed and both of them would say that this day for each of them was a wonderful start to the next stage of their brilliant lives.

I continue to find pleasure in helping others to build a better life for themselves, this has had a lasting influence on my own enjoyment of life.

With that in mind, I thought about writing a book that wouldn’t just be about the professional and personal lessons I have learnt in over 20 years as a CEO but also experience & observation from my life about being a good man; both for myself and for my family.

And so here we are... A Good Man, a Great Dad and a Loving Husband: Everyman’s Guide for a Brilliant Life will be available from November (precise date coming soon) in hardcover, eBook and audio (read by me) through my soon to be launched website and a range of leading online retailers.

I will be writing here, LinkedIn and across social media platforms on a regular basis; covering both topics from my book as well as wider events, business and also talking points suggested by you. So please, feel welcome to get in contact here or through Facebook.

Here’s to a Brilliant Life!

bradley brown