7 Things That Require Zero Talent

My daughter and her husband were in an office the other day, and saw something similar to the below on the wall. As we often do, she sent me a message and we had a good laugh!
That inspired my version:

  1. A good attitude

It has been said so many times, and that just goes to show how critically important it is; to come to whatever you are doing with the most positive attitude you can muster. 

2.              A good night’s sleep

Stephen R. Covey was the author of a great many excellent and instructive books, and one of his ideas was the Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern. What can usually be influenced by you and what you can control most of the time is how much sleep you get. A great way to set yourself up for success is to get the sleep you know you need.

3.              Give others the benefit of the doubt

Similar to having a good attitude; is to always trust that the person you are interacting with is doing what they believe is best. You may think they have a negative agenda, but take that moment to make sure you understand properly. From there, you can act appropriately.

4.              Accept responsibility

You don’t need to be an expert in any field to own what you are doing. We all know, whether we always admit it, what it is we are responsible for - if you take possession of that and take pride in what you are doing the results will show for themselves.

5.              Say what you mean and mean what you say

This old adage is very important, so simple to do but with a great impact. Be open, speak your mind (politely!) and you will find many problems resolve themselves.

6.              Be there

This goes far beyond just the workplace! The difference it makes to focus on what you are doing; focus on the people around you and take the care & the time to be aware. You will find your enjoyment and effectiveness increasing in turn.

7.              Enjoy the challenge

Last but not least, every job has it’s own particular trials and challenges. You can choose (and it is a decision, whether you make it consciously or not) to feel discouraged, cheesed off or frustrated. Or you can take a challenge as the highlight of your job; the way you get your daily kick (after caffeine) and a way to learn. Your mindset will determine whether the everyday challenges are the best or the worst parts of your day, and that is entirely within your control.

None of these things require any specialised training or years of professional experience to do. Being aware and willing to try is all that it takes.

bradley brown