From Me to You

The draft for A Good Man, a Great Dad and a Loving Husband: Every Man’s Guide to a Brilliant Life started many years ago in my head and finally in 2014 I put pen to paper.

Also, incidentally, it’s not just for men! I suppose every writer starts out from their own point of view, though I’ve found that everyone who has read the book; men and women of all ages, have found it to be useful.

My daughter and her husband are also helping me put together the website and managing the sales of the book.  It’s also excellent that my step daughter Pam, who is also having her own overseas adventure, is assisting with the design of the site.  This has turned out to be a great way to keep in more constant contact with them while they undertake their own adventures moving to the USA and building their lives there. 

The book is in 3 parts, and there are no prizes for guessing what they are.

A Good Man covers what I believe are the basics, that tried and tested method of starting from within yourself. You cannot expect to build your Brilliant Life in the world around you if you cannot build a Brilliant world within yourself and so that is where we start.

A Great Dad goes through the lessons I have learnt, both personally and through observation, on being the primary architect in my children’s lives. I believe it’s important to have a plan for what you want to give to your child because once you lay the foundations and start building, you’ll wish you had one!  

And a Loving Husband speaks to what I believe is the most central and most difficult to manage relationship in your life. If it was important to be steady and intentional with your children, it is twice as so when it comes to your spouse. I believe that having a sustainable, wonderful marriage is truly the hardest thing we have to do and one which probably needs the most attention to ensure you are able to achieve it.

I’m very excited to, finally, have this book almost ready to go. It’s the culmination of a great deal of thought and 57 years of trial and error. 

I look forward to hearing what you think and what has resonated with you in particular, in the weeks to come.

Here’s to a Brilliant Life!


bradley brown